Meet the Children!


Sergeline grew up in Cite Soleil with her brother Selson.  Horrifically, Sergeline was with her mom when she was shot and killed by a gang member.  She came to us traumatized, now that she lives at Home for Love she never wants to return to Cite Soleil.  She is very happy and making plans for a bright future. 


Rubens comes from Cite Soleil. He is at Home for Love because his dad wants a better life and he cannot take care of him or keep him safe. Rubens is very shy and sensitive. He takes a while to warm up to you, but once he does he is full of hugs and love.


Herold is from Cite Soleil. He was starting to grow up on the streets and following a gangster lifestyle. Now he is the most loving child and first in his class. He is very thankful of how his life has changed. He always prays for everyone else and the other children.


Bickenley was living on the street with his mom who suffers from mental illness. Bickenley has a wild sprit and always make you smile.  He is called Mr. President at Home for Love. He may be the youngest, but he runs the place.


Lovencia is from Cite Soleil and lived with her stepmom who beat her. At Home for Love she is very loving and enjoys to be held and cuddled.


Enelson is Fabiola's brother and friend. He likes to be hugged and enjoys feeling unconditionally loved.  He is our shy and quiet boy but his smile lights up a room.


Fabiola and Enelson are siblings. Their mom is very young and the dad is a gang member in Cite Soleil. They were living with their Grandma. She is quiet and loves to be held


Selson and his sister, Sergeline lost their mother.  She was an innocent victim to the gun violence which is rampant in Cite Soleil. He came into our care malnourished, resistant to routine and withdrawn. It did not take long for him to come into his own. He has a quiet but mischievous demeanor. 


Maken lived with his Grandma in Cite Soleil and was in the streets begging for money. She was using him as a Restivik, a child slave. When he first came to Home for Love he acted like a gangster.  Now he loves to hug and is very charming


Dodly came from Cite Soleil. Her parents knew Dodly was not safe there there. She would try to go to school and do her homework but the gun fire was  frequent and made it almost impossible. She used to hide under her bed to escape it.  She now studies hard, leads the other children with prayer, and loves to sing.


Juliette came from Cite Soleil. Her dad is elderly, a drug addict and alcoholic. Sadly, no one knows where her mom is. Juliette is outgoing, fearless and a total love bug. 


Rosaline is from Cite Soleil. She was starting to be used as a Restivik by her family.  She always expresses her gratidude to be at Home for Love. Rosaline is incredibly loving and has a wonderful caring personality. 


Dadlyn has Cerebral Palsy. His mom brought him to our Medical Clinic and asked us to either fix his legs or take him because he was getting too big for her to carry. He could not walk and he had sores on his feet and ankles from crawling and scooting everywhere. He can now run with his walker, walk with just someone holding his hand, and stand up by himself. His dream is to be able to walk like other kids one day.

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