Meet the Children!


Sergeline grew up in Cite Soleil with her brother Selson.  Sergeline was with her mom when she was shot and killed by a gang member.  She came to us traumatized by the horror she survived and never wanted to return.  Since joining us at Home for Love her perspective on life has shifted.  Sergeline’s current dream is to return to Cite Soleil and help build up her community.  She is joyous and has bright future ahead.


Rubens came from a broken home in Cite Soleil.  His mother brought him to Home for Love because she wanted a better life for him.  Rubens is very shy and sensitive. He takes a while to warm up but once he does, he is full of affection.


Herold was growing up on the streets in Cite Soleil and falling into a gangster lifestyle.  At Home for Love we were able to show him a new kind of way. Herold is grateful for how his life has changed. He is loving and consistently prays for others.  Herold is first in his class, athletic, and his favorite sport is soccer.


Bickenley was living on the street with his mom who suffers from mental illness. His struggle did not stifle his wild sprit and radiant smile.  He may be the youngest, but don’t be fooled, he runs the place.  We call him Mr. President at Home for Love.


Lovencia is from Cite Soleil and lived with her stepmom without adequate support for her basic needs. Since joining us at Home for Love, Lovencia is quickly excelling in school.  She is full of life and her positive spirit is contagious.


Enelson is loving and his smile lights up the room.  We are striving to build strong family bonds at Home for Love and we are grateful to have Enelson and his sister Fabiola under the same roof.


Fabiola has a big heart and a quiet demeanor.  She is determined and focused, which allows her to excel academically.  Fabiola and her brother Enelson, were abandoned by family but were reunited at Home for Love.


Selson and his sister, Sergeline lost their mother to gun violence.  Sadly their mother was an innocent victim.   Selson came into our care malnourished, resistant to routine, and withdrawn. It did not take long for him to come into his own. He was initially behind in school and now he is top of his class.


Maken lived with his Grandma in Cite Soleil and was forced into the streets to beg for money. She was using him as a Restivik, a child slave. When he arrived at Home for Love he acted like a gangster with a harsh outer shell.   Now we have cracked that facade and met the true Maken, a charming love bug.


Dodly was brought by her parents from Cite Soleil because they feared for her safety.  She would try to go to school and do her homework but the frequent gun fire made it near impossible. She used to hide under her bed to escape it all.  Dodly now studies fiercely, leads the other children in prayer, and loves to share her beautiful soul through song. 


Juliette came from poverty in Cite Soleil and sadly since her arrival we cannot locate her father. None of these circumstances have stopped Juliette! She is outgoing, fearless, and academically excelling.  She is a spitfire whose energy keeps you on your toes.


Rosaline is from Cite Soleil where she and her sister Rosemina were starting to be forced into child slavery by their family.  She always expresses her gratitude to be at Home for Love where she feels safe. Rosaline is incredibly loving, cares for others, and radiates a positive spirit.


Dadlyn suffers from Cerebral Palsy and he was brought to our medical clinic by his mother.  At that time she asked us to either fix his legs or take over care for him.  With no medical intervention or assistive devices he was becoming a burden and getting too heavy for her to carry.  Since joining Home for Love his mother has ceased contact.  Dadyln did not let his circumstances stop him from enjoying life.  He can now run with his walker, walk with just someone holding his hand, and stand up by himself.  All things that seemed impossible until he joined our family.

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